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An adaptive spatial play in 5 multiple entry Acts

As in Julio Cortazar's eponymous novel, Hopscotch has multiple entries that build distinctive sequences according to the choices of the lector - in our case the inhabitant of the space. 

In its core version, that could be infinitely complemented, it has a structure of 5 architectural modules, or Acts.

Those modules share their base size and common levels of access, allowing equal assembling and motion between them.

Each has a minimum of 2 Entries and Exits, offering a variety of space sequences. 

The subject is not a user of the space. S.he doesn't consume it, but interacts, embodies, and leads the environment through actions and behaviours, in a symbiotic exchange.

It results in a spatial performance where the subject receives information while engaging entirely within it. Becoming actor, spectator, and director of the performances.  

Those mouvements involve the Macro-scale, when affecting how the modules are assembled, the scale of each singular space, until the one of the body itself. 

Transformations engage a diversity of experiments, including motion, sound, lighting, music, screening, pulsations, shadows...

Hopscotch image introduction.jpg
algoRhythmic Hut

If Subject heartbeat reaches 110 pm, 

Then Move to Module Sound's Shadow Theater

If Subject Climbs in Sound's Shadow Theater's Lantern 

Then Play Gymnopédie n°02 by Eric Satie

If not change poles plan drawing 

Else project light from floor platform

If subject Facial expression is Smile 

Then give way out at 15 m Height

Else give way out at 5 m Height

If subject doesn't find way out of Mase within less than 75 seconds

Then change combination 

If subject walks at pace > or = to 3km/h 

Then Move toward module MetabolisMase

Else Move toward Vertigo

If subject lays down - Turn 90 degrees clockwise

If subject crowls Slide the ladder position laterally to the rhythm of Subject Breathing

If subject dives in ball pool Screen Fellini's La Dolce Vita 

If subject enters at Level 5 meters Play Vertigo Theme And Loop mesh in continuous wave for 135 seconds


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