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A Tale of 10.000 cities

A Tale of 10.000 cities is a script that generates many possible movies written with code, sound and architecture about human experiences of inhabiting cities.

Architecture is used as a material, an alphabet with which a language is constructed. Code is incorporated into the structure of the stories, it becomes its grammar. This project is about what happens when a language is hybridised with another.

The video installation is a spatial translation of the project, in which you never visit the city of the person sitting next to you.

Hover over the images to play a variation of city



Barbara (1972). La Ligne Droite [song].
Fairuz (2010). Fe Amal [song].
Moustaki, George (1972). La Ligne Droite [song].

Raphael (2010). Je détruis tout [song].


Randa Chahal, Randa (1999). A Civilised People.


The platform used is

The voices were generated using ResembleAI

1. Spectacle for Later Festival, Rio Cinema, LDN 18.20 Nov.2022

2-7. Sub-systems, St James Hatcham Building, LDN 1.5 Sept.2022

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