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'And you, what are you searching for?'

The title of this interactive fiction makes reference to the book of Rene Daumal, The Analog Mount. It is a story about a quest towards what first appears as an imaginary place. He wrote it while he knew he was condemned, and passed before he could write the last chapter that was meant to be titled “And you, what are you searching for?”. Every object holds a story about inhabitants of the apartment, you will only meet them through these artefacts, gathering fragments of the life that might have happened, projecting your fantasies over their stories. You will have to collect them in a specific order. When found, objects open new spaces allowing you to reach for the following one. Once you collect a fragment, it is yours to get back to, by pressing its corresponding icon on the right side of your screen. On your quest, you will notice distorted gates. By passing through them, you will be offered two paths to build an environment and a story. Some hold sounds that might bring images to your mind, others will trigger objects to appear. You can build other memories at any point by going to the table of content. This also allows you to take a break from the game, or read this foreword again.


This project was featured in the pavilion [Digital]Fantasies which I co-curated for
The Wrong Biennale #5,
gathering the work of 12 Artists

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 14.50.25.png
Object1_EggCup_BW copy.png

Click below to visit [Digital]Fantasies

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Peckham Digital Festival, Eagle Wharf London 2-5 February 2023

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