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The Impossible Cities is a collection of experiments around inhabited spaces of fiction.

It explores and matches multiple techniques and media: interactive installations, hand drawing, mapping, 3D modeling, animation, Mixed Reality, fixed and moving images...

and hopefully many more to come.


Eden Chahal 

London-/Paris-based Architect, Artist, and Researcher.


MFA in Computational Arts, Goldsmiths University Of London (2022, Distinction)

Architect (eq. Part II), ENSA Paris Malaquais (2016)- ETSAM Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2014)


Instead of building the physical environment, I build narrative tools with cities as a subject and spaces as a material. I investigate human experiences of place to answer the question: what remains of architecture when it becomes a memory?        

The Impossible Cities showcases a selection of my work. I hope you enjoy your visit.


+33 6 78 82 31 01

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