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Selection of curatorial works


hARTslane Gallery - 2-5 March 2023
Joint exhibition and curation with Kerrie O'Leary

Overflow is a joint exhibition that navigates the active entanglements between natural and built environments. It  brings together the work of computational artists Eden Chahal and Kerrie O’Leary. Their practices meet in the craft of computational techniques where they employ coding as a language to create physical and aesthetic events. 


This exhibition is not situated at the crossroads of art and science. Instead, technology has been absorbed as a fundamental, defining layer of the environments they have researched, remapped and revealed through their artworks presented.


Grounded in provoking use of data, critical perspectives on AI algorithms, the accumulation of technologies does not sacrifice delicate makings of kinetic sculptures, tangible and intangible spaces of fiction and intimate soundscapes.

Spectacle for later

Rio Cinema - 18-20 November 2022
Co-Founded and curated with Marisa DiMonda
Visual design Sunnioo - Website Jonas Grunwald


Goldsmiths, UOL - 1.5 September 2021

student-organised exhibition that gathered 60 artists and attracted over 900 visitors

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we Established and coordinated a collaboration with students from the MFA Curating of Goldsmiths, running 25 interviews with exhibiting artists, available in the physical space through QR codes and downloadable online via a virtual map.
In collaboration with students and alumni of the MFA Curating at Goldsmiths: Yurika Imaseki, Irene Thiella, Jingyi Deng, Valeria Biondo, Giulia Pollicita, Clara Rodorigo, Mami Mizushina, Fiona Graf.
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