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Embroidered fragments of a picture - Augmented Reality  

It is a wearable that contains no electronics.

Displayed on and part of the most universal piece of cloth, chances are high you wore one before.

You won’t see it in an exhibition space, it is a nomadic piece that you might encounter taking a turn on the corner of the street,

riding a bike, having coffee.

If you wore it you would be showing off a unique fragment of an embroidered generative picture.

It concerns fashion but no production of clothes, it could be considered street art and might be seen as one of the possible uses

of Augmented Reality.

It cannot be fully grasped.

You’ll probably only see details of it, pieces of a puzzle. But they hold more than what you see, if you tried to take a picture of it,

you might find out you were focussing on a detail.



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